No one does colour quite like award-winning Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Seriously. She has probably worn every colour under the sun and looked damn well good in it. From rocking Dior on the sunny streets of LA to a vibrant red in her hometown Abba, one thing that’s clear is the woman knows how to dress and we love to watch.

Here are seven times we all wished we could’ve raided her closet (and by we, of course I mean me… lol).

#9 – Chimamanda with her signature fro, in long brown pants, a yellow half-top and green shoes. All colors we would normally run away from but somehow, she makes it work.
#8 – Chimamanda on the street of Paris rocking gold stilletos and trendy street wear. Lovely attention to detail on the trousers. The flower patterns running up the fabric and demure tones of both pieces bring a feminine touch to the look. A side swept afro and minimal make-up was the perfect choice to bring it all together. Love!!
#7 – Chimamanda in Santiago, Chilé wearing a beautiful orange, satin-silk ensemble. Peep the pop of colour on her shoes and wrists. This looks exactly like what you’d want to be wearing on the streets of Chilé.
#6 – Chimamanda in LA wearing black and green. The attention to detail. The frayed ends of her pants. The contrast between the green and pink details on the top. The pop of red lipstick. A look! PS: I would kill for this top-o.
#5 – Chimamanda in Awka, Anambra for the Purple Hibiscus Writer’s workshop. I’ve never seen a more perfectly tailored dress in my life. And the glasses??!? Stole the show!
#4 – The iconic pose. The hair. The fringe skirt. The ankara print shirt. The smile. The woman has style.
#3 – Again on the streets of LA, wearing Christian Dior. Chimamanda steps out of her usual modest look and finally gives us cleavage. I love the granite/mineral visual feel of the fabric and purse. Her beautiful brown skin is sun-kissed and her presence goddess-like in a seemingly mundane neighborhood. That’s how you know you look something special. It’s in the way you shine.
#2 – The picture that broke the internet. Chimamanda in a crotch-high slit. Done so well it looks like an actual work of art. Great color-blocking with the velvety blue shoes and brown top. Great skin. Great everything!
#1 – Saving the best for last! Chimamanda wearing a customized T-shirt in rememberance of her late father, James Adichie, and an iridescent skirt that seems to flow on until forever.

What are some of your favorite looks of CNA’s? Let me know in the comments below.

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Amarachi Ike writes from Enugu, where she is currently studying Medicine at the University of Nigeria. She is an essayist, fiction writer, blogger and aspiring author.

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