What Your Favorite African Writers Did on Insta This Week

Writers can be weird. They can also be really cool. Whichever one they choose to be on any given day, we have social media to keep us in the know. But you can’t be all up on all the writers’ socials like a deadbeat. You’ve got work to do!

Hence why (is that even proper English? XD) I did the dead-beating for you. I’ve been snooping around the socials and here’s what you missed, if you haven’t been on.

Chika Unigwe’s Raven on a Glass of Water.

Chika Unigwe added a photo to her Insta-stories recently that really caught my attention. A raven on a glass of water. Now, judging by the backdrop of the photo, if this is an original, it would mean Chika’s on vacation. But we don’t know that. We just know it’s a photo of a raven on a glass of water, which is… poetic to say the least.

Perhaps, there’s a message for all of us here. Perhaps it is, always make use of a coaster… when on the coast? I have many questions though. For one, what does Chika seem to gain in this pro-coaster campaign? Who is this Raven? And why on earth is the water so heavenly blue?

Thoughts? Leave them in the comments.

Mona Eltahawy’s Five Days of Birthday

Mona has begun a workweek-long postathon on her Instagram in celebration of her birthday (which has an interesting story behind it). She poses in signature fashion, black butterfly specs and vibrant colored ensemble on, captioning each photo with her hashtags #ThisIs54 #MonaIs54

She looks so happy and colourful. I love her daring style. Happy Birthday Mona!

Akwaeke Emezi Got Some New Tattoos.

Akwaeke Emezi flaunted off their latest assortment of body art, some face tattoos mirroring the character Isaac from the fantasy anime Castlevania available on Netflix.

Need I say more? I think not.

Tomi Adeyemi’s Finished Draft.

For the fans of Tomi Adeyemi, you are just a step closer to getting some new work from her.

The author posted a picture of the last page of a finished draft on her Instagram thanking her fans and followers for “being patient” with her. It’s been a while since she’s written something new (which is understandable, no pressure), but definitely nice that she is acknowledging that fact.

We can’t wait to read more from her & soon.

That’s all for this week! If you enjoyed this post, share it. If you want more, tell me in the comments!! If you want less, tell me in the comments too.

Thanks for reading and Goodbye for now.

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Amarachi Ike writes from Enugu, where she is currently studying Medicine at the University of Nigeria. She is an essayist, fiction writer, blogger and aspiring author.

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