Features X Collaborations

If you would like to collaborate with me, have me review your book or have your article featured as a blog post, send your submission or proposal as a Microsoft Word Document to my work email ikeamarachi19@gmail.com

For creative submissions, send your work with the following:

  • Short Bio (150 words max).
  • Profile Photograph.
  • Country of Origin.
    -Social Media Handle(s).
    -Website/Blog Address.

I am open to all types of creative writing submissions (i.e. poetry, flash fiction, short stories and creative non-fiction essays) as well as opinion pieces on African literature, Current social issues, histories, culture, film and art.

If your piece does not fit into any of the ascribed themes, you can send it with an explanation as to why you feel it would be a good fit for my site and I will consider it.

All the best!